My first debute. Oneshot Comic book. Published by koloni m&c Gramedia Jakarta. Historical Action Colossal. Story about 7 elite Guardians of the King Jayanegara, the 2nd ruler of Majapahit Kingdom. First edition printed in 2010. Re-printed in 2017. Available on local bookstores.
Frozen project. An ongoing webcomic series in collaboration with currently downed Komikoo online community. Techno martial-art story about Isaka the monk and his journey to save the world from the domination of demon race under the reign of King Dewatacengkar.
An Experimental mini comic. Story of a girl in runaway, hunted down by Man-eating monster. Check it OUT!...
An ongoing book series. It follows the story of a boy with magic painting on his face. Hunting down a golden haired man with 3 marks under his left eye. Read the latest episode on Karyakarsa!
Collaboration with Card game developer MushashugyoRPG. Action comic available on Ragasukma Comic apps. Trailer on Youtube.
My debute on SMAC Japanese web magazine. Oneshot Showcase vol.1 available on English and Japanese...
Experimental stylish hard action Webcomic. Read on

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